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Our innovations sell your product. Guaranteed!

When we opened our doors nearly 60 years ago the packaging industry was all about corrugated cardboard, and had been for a long time. In fact, corrugated packaging was an approved material for shipping containers years before there were cars and airplanes. Today, corrugated continues to dominate the shipping world due to its strength and versatility.

Corrugated protects the objects it holds, partly due to the arch-structured flutes between the linerboard, and also because of its structure. At Bay Cities, we’re experts in the manufacture of virtually every box structure. In the very slim chance that there’s a type of box we have not made, rest assured we can make it, and even make it better.

As importantly, we can use the most advanced printing and graphic design techniques to make a box shout, promise, persuade, educate, invite and even express sincere gratitude. In short, we can make it sell.

Whether it’s a box to safely get the goods from A to B, or a bright four-color package that has to make an impact in what many retailers refer to as the “moment of truth,” Bay Cities makes packaging that sells and performs.

We offer the following services:

  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Direct Print Shippers
  • Retail Packaging
  • Litho-Laminated Die Cuts
  • Blister Packs and Vacuform Trays
  • Plastics and Next-Gen Materials
  • Advanced Coatings and Treatments
  • Custom Designs