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 Our innovations sell your product. Guaranteed!

CBC managers today are looking for designs that enhance the “first moment of truth.” Bay Cities creates innovative designs for structural integrity, ease of assembly, a perfect fit and sales effectiveness. It might look pretty but we don’t make art. We believe a design has to work or it’s not an intelligent design. It has to look good, stand straight, hold up and sell. For all of that to happen, it has to make perfect sense from the initial concept stage on through to the final display.

Concepts before the sample rendering is cut. These are created primarily with complex computer aided design (CAD) applications, but we’ll admit we still start with a cocktail napkin now and then.

3-D Rendering
Gives form to the concept and provides a sales tool to generate store interest and approvals needed to move a project through to production.

Working Sample
Produced to specifications, enabling us to test the strength and refine the overall look of the display.

The final test before production. Our in-house team of graphic artists and designers make the sample as realistic as possible so you can truly assess its functionality and visual stopping power.


Effective design optimally balances form and function to achieve a desired result!