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IMG_2854Certified ISTA Testing Lab

Our innovations sell your product. Guaranteed!

Bay Cities is with you during shipping by preventing product damage and over packaging during shipping. Bay Cities demonstrates a strong commitment to transport packaging professionalism, as well as assuring our laboratory is properly equipped to conduct ISTA package performance testing. Our state-of-the-art system includes a vibration table, incline impact ramp and drop tester.

Procedures include tests for structural integrity to determine proper design or otherwise create an avenue for design alternatives. Our ISTA service enables us to more accurately ensure that your product will not sustain damage in transit, resulting in fewer returned items and lower overall cost.

The TRANSIT TESTED concept has been validated over and over again and its worth is beyond measure. The TRANSIT TESTED Program provides tangible benefits of:

  • Protection of products and profits with reduced damage and product loss
  • Economically balanced distribution costs
  • Reduced or eliminated claims hassles
  • Shortened package development time and confidence in product launch
  • Customer satisfaction and continued businessIMG_2856

When your package design passes an ISTA test you can be assured that the package will protect the product from the expected hazards of distribution experienced in the everyday shipping environment.

Learn more at the International Safe Transit Association web site.