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Shopping Trends: Brick and Mortar

Posted on Monday, July 10th, 2017

Time are changing.

This generic sentiment can be applied to all walks of life, especially retail shopping.  Changing shopping trends have had a direct impact on how brands, smaller companies, and online marketplaces market their products to consumers. Ten years ago, brand stores could take solace in knowing that shoppers would patronize their stores for all their shopping needs. Not  anymore.

Plenty of brick and mortar storefronts have been replaced by digital shopping websites. 

Will this spell the end of retail as we know it? I wouldn’t be too sure.

According to TimeTrade, 71% of U.S. consumers say they still prefer to go to a store. The same survey said that 85% of shoppers like to shop in stores to physically touch what they’re buying—an impossibility for the digital storefront.

Those numbers belie the hidden truth! Online marketplaces are putting pressure on brick and mortar retailers to alter their approach to bring traffic into their stores.  The main appeal for online shoppers is the ease of transaction and the non-hassle of the commute to the store.

Online retail giants are thriving, and more and more are popping up every day. Micro digital only companies like Dollar Shave are beginning to flood the marketplace. So, how do retailers keep up and compete? How do you get more people into stores? And just how can packaging and display companies assist retailers and get people excited about leaving online shopping behind to head to the store?

Legendary stores in New York City for example, always attract crowds during the holidays. Why? Because the window and in-store displays are creative, and offer something you can’t get when you shop online.  Retailers should consider thinking outside the box to give their customers something they enjoy looking at and can interact with. Bay Cities is the perfect solution to help.

This is how Bay Cities differentiates itself from the pack. We help our clients make an impact on the shelf by designing innovative displays that showcase the product in a creative light—and allows the customer to engage with it at the same time. Bay Cities uses high-tech digital printing, helping brands to create that “moment of truth,” to entice the customer to make a purchase. Online commerce can’t compete with creative ingenuity. Retailers should focus on the customer experience. Make sure the customer is getting something they can only get in-store. That’s where digital printing comes into play. Digital printing will play a critical part in the future of packaging and displays when it comes to consumer engagement. Digital printing will help retailers create displays and packaging that not only saves time and money, but increases their product life-cycle, boosts omni channel integration, and improves the chances for loyalty and repurchase with consumers.   

For more information on Bay Cities or their advanced technologies, send them a note or give them a call at 562-948-3751.