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Star Wars and Bay Cities: Innovations that Inspire

Posted on Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Star Wars and Bay Cities:  Innovations that Inspire

Display created by Bay Cities

At first glance, Bay Cities and Star Wars don’t seem similar.  But looks can be deceiving.  The legendary movie saga and the leader in the packaging and display industry are both about innovation at the highest level.  Bay Cities’ innovation allows them to continue to chart a path as the leader in the packaging and point-of-purchase display industry.  Their creativity and designs get people to buy at the retail level.

Star Wars continues to build a mythology based on the wonderful weirdness of spectacle and imagination. It’s a space opera that tells the story of how power corrupts, and it revolves around incredible set designs and innovative special effects. 

Bay Cities and Star Wars both inspire innovation that shows us what is possible, and what will be possible in the future.  Innovation makes our lives better because it makes the tasks we do easier.  That kind of inspiration motivates us to stay ahead of the curve.

Bay Cities has taken innovation to the next level.  To think outside the box, try getting to know more about the box instead. Understanding the problems customers face is understanding what’s inside and outside of the box.  We start from scratch, taking a simple piece of corrugate and turning it into something special, creative, and fun to solve a problem. In a fierce marketplace where competition at the shelve is tough and getting tougher, we succeed because of our expertise in thinking inside and outside the box.  It’s how you make innovative ideas work.

Display created by Bay Cities

An example of that innovation and problem-solving ability is reflected in our interactive packaging and large format digital printer. Both allow our clients to engage consumers effectively.  Our interactive packaging through augmented reality came about because of our desire to provide our clients with the latest technology, and the best next level engagement tools.  And our new large format digital printer is the perfect machine for personalization, more color options, and allows for brands to stand out differently in retail. Imagine your package printed with brighter colors, beautiful print details, and sharper contrasts. And to make it even more innovative, each project’s design can be different.

Simplicity in approach can yield amazing results. Star Wars shows us incredible ideas and innovations.  Ideas change the landscape of what is possible.  The key is knowing how to turn that fantasy into ideas, then into reality. It’s the inspiration behind what you see that motivates us into exceeding expectations for our customers.

Bay Cities exists because of the spirit we exhibit.  It inhabits every aspect of our work and our approach, permeating every product, design and idea from our creative geniuses.  That spirit is evident in how we approach client work: creating unique designs that allow products to stand out and stand the test of time.  Our mantra “We’re not just box makers, we’re innovators and creators,” is appropriate.

Both Star Wars and Bay Cities prove that anything is achievable through innovation.  Bay Cities lives and breathes that every day.