Sustainable Packaging Efforts

We understand the importance of sustainability. We pride ourselves on working with
environmentally-friendly products and continue to strive to create the best solutions
for ourselves and our partners.

The steam generated from the paper plant, New Indy, is what powers our corrugator, Encorr. Our corrugator is the second one of its nature in North America. It runs at 100% efficiency with zero waste for maximum sustainability. Encorr and New Indy are around the corner from one another, eliminating transportation costs. A bridge has been built to allow New Indy to deliver sheet rolls to Encorr without the use of trucks. Encorr is located in the Los Angeles area with minimal distance of transportation to our plant.

Bay Cities Green Program

Bay Cities has an internal green program, which focuses on being proactively environmental in all that we do while helping us reduce operating costs. It encourages our employees to be more environmentally conscious and more efficient too. Elements of the program focus on savings in different and diverse categories:

Energy Icon
  • Improved lighting conditions by changing to LED and fluorescent lighting
  • Pre-programmed thermostats
  • A white cool roof on our buildings
Chemicals Icon
  • 99% of our chemicals are environmentally friendly
  • Water-Based Inks
  • A biodegradable degreaser
Fuel Icon
  • Use of fuel-saving equipment throughout the warehouse
  • Ensuring full truck loads
  • Enabling delivery at nights and early morning hours when roads are clear
Materials Icon
  • Materials recycled include used oil, ink cartridges, and pre-consumer paper-based waste
  • Reuse of machine tooling whenever possible
  • Corrugated waste and scraps are sent to our paper mill where it is recycled into new sheets
  • Recycling bins can be found throughout all facilities

Our materials are a minimum of 60% recycled with our corrugated brown
boxes comprised of over 90% recycled materials.

Learn about our additional sustainability efforts: