Water-Based Inks

The introduction to water-based inks in printing has helped us further our sustainability effort tremendously here at Bay Cities.

Not only have water-based inks lowered, and at some times, completely removed Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from our production cycle, but they have also provided a much safer environment for our employees as VOCs can be very detrimental to one’s health. Water-based inks are also much easier to clean, speeding up the process of reintegrating the ink back into its lifecycle as a valuable, reusable resource. Unused ink is captured in our drainage system and redirected to our in-house wastewater treatment center to neutralize its pH balance to become reclaimed water, ready for use in our local communities. This transition has positively impacted our ecosystem and created a win/win opportunity for both companies and clients as we further our commitment to do our part to #savetheearth.

You can learn more about the lifecycle of our water-based inks here!

Focusing on Sustainability with Water-Based Inks in Printing (bay-cities.com)

  1. Ink is purchased from Flint Group
  2. Inks drums are reused in house Excess ink drums are resent to manufacturer
  3. Ink Is set for manufacturing process Minimal ink waste generated enters our wastewater treatment
  4. Enters recovery process for reclamation for reuse (LA county sanitation district) What was once ink waste, now is used in local communities All ink that does not enter our water treatment, is recycled in house

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