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Augmented Reality Meets the Beauty World

Posted on Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

Augmented Reality (AR) adds layers of digital content over real world environments. Screens are augmented with computer-generated images over a user’s view, enhancing one’s perception of reality. Social media platform Snapchat uses a form of AR without us even realizing it! Other everyday examples of Augmented Reality include Pokémon Go to catch different characters, Apple’s “Animoji” feature that animates existing emojis, and Ink Hunter that allows you to virtually see how a tattoo will look on you.


The beauty industry is starting to embrace AR as it has quickly solved one of the industry’s biggest issues: to showcase how products will look on individual consumers before having to make any purchases. The technology allows consumers to easily play with different looks from wherever they are. Beauty giants like L’Oreal and Sephora have already implemented augmented reality features where consumers are able to test out a variety of products via their mobile device. Target also recently launched a beauty studio where consumers are able to test out different nail polishes on their hands.


For entrepreneurial and start-up companies, AR is a way to distinguish themselves and establish a name for themselves. Bay Cities is teaming up with several companies to create packaging for their brand with an AR component.

Want to learn more about AR in packaging?

The leading B2B beauty trade show is here! Cosmoprof is where individuals discover unique brand launches, product innovation, new channels for distribution, packaging, and manufacturing. It is also the place to form key relationships with top industry professionals and retailers! With over 36,000 attendees, Bay Cities is looking forward to exhibiting at Cosmoprof North America this year in Las Vegas at the end of July. But even more exciting than exhibiting at the event, one of our Sales Associates, Winston Hewett has been given the opportunity to present “Augmented Reality – Creating 3D Packaging”!