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Direct Manufacturing Capabilities 

Being a direct manufacturer is one of the biggest differentiators that sets apart Bay Cities from their competitors. We are a creative agency inside of a manufacturing plant. Our facilities are created as a one-stop-shop for you as we handle all designs, structural engineering, manufacturing, packout, and shipping all in-house.

Our leading edge equipment is designed to handle a variety of projects that you may be looking for. 

Additionally, we have the ability to match these capabilities with our variety of manufacturing and packout centers across North America.

image to show manufacturing capabilities in North America

Bay Cities has manufacturing capabilities across North America.



The Encorr corrugator is one of Bay Cities finest machines. The advanced technology runs at 100% efficiency. It is the widest corrugator on the market allowing for paralleled speed-to-market. And it is only the second of its kind in the entire North American continent.

This advanced corrugator was strategically built connected to our local paper mill. From mill to corrugator, movement of raw materials no longer requires logistics – on top of producing zero waste, Encorr reduces our trucking emissions and expenses as well.

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image to show corrugator

Local Corrugator: 100% Efficient