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Bay Cities COVID-19 Updates

April 7, 2020

Last week, Bay Cities broke records, that were already set the week before, on our box making machines. While distancing from each other, washing our hands and disinfecting everything in sight, we blew the doors off the barn on both of our flexo-folder-gluer machines. Many of you are probably not aware that we build boxes. We have been in the box business for over 60 years and this craft represents more than 35 percent of our business. The folks in the plant are very proud of their accomplishments of late as they are beating records against all odds.

In this crazy world we find ourselves in, one of our Baycitizens brought a new baby girl into the world. Raylee Sophia Martinez came into our lives April 2nd at 7 pounds and 19 inches long. This gift blessed our world with the continual promise of life. We all should be reminded that sometimes when things sour, somethings are still sweet, even in this odd time.

The next few weeks will prove very challenging for all of us, as this pesky virus peaks in different parts of the country. This is a time to reach into ourselves and bring out every bit of positive inspiration we can. We need this for our families and, especially, for our children, who may not quite understand what is upon us. This is a time to be extra safe with everything we do and everything we touch. Take no chances and take nothing for granted over the next few weeks.

Wash your hands, keep your distance from one another and learn to wear a mask. If you can’t get one, make one. Be safe and be positive for all of those around you. I can tell you a good laugh or two is food for the soul. If not already doing so, try to read a book before you go to sleep. It is one of the best techniques for getting a nice night of sleep.

Keep it separated.

We are here for you.

Greg Tucker