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Bay Cities COVID-19 Updates

April 23, 2020

Yesterday we celebrated Earth Day. The global shutdown has upside and downside effects on the environment. Some states suspended curbside recycling services and there is an overall lack in global ecological law enforcements. On the other hand, global CO2 emissions are projected to fall with 5.5%, the earth is shaking less, and fish have been seen swimming in the canals of Venice. At Bay Cities we continue with our Green Program and encouraging people to reduce and recycle.

With many discussions going on about the re-opening of states, we decided to develop and design social distancing floor and window graphics. When restaurants and stores open up again, this is a great way to keep your employees safe and remind customers to stay apart, wear masks and wash hands. We can custom design these for you or you can order off the shelf graphics.

The graduation boxes, we launched last week, are a success with many schools and colleges reaching out. The boxes are completely customized with the school’s logo, colors and even the graduate’s name. The boxes contain a tassel, a cap and a diploma holder. A great way to celebrate graduation. Its not too late to order these.

Continue to be safe, take no chances and take nothing for granted. Wash your hands, keep your distance from one another and wear that mask.

Keep it separated.

We are here for you.

Greg Tucker