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Bay Cities COVID-19 Updates

July 1, 2020

Happy 1st of July! This is an important day for Bay Cities and each of you. Bay Cities is now into our new fiscal year, 2021, leaving the year 2020 behind us. This has led to much celebration for us, as we leave one crushing year moving into what we feel to become a very optimistic year for Bay Cities.

The events that happened in 2020 forced many to bend. We got through with a very solid Balance Sheet and a diverse Client and product portfolio. We give thanks to many of our great Clients who have stood with us over time and over this last period. We have taken this time to really sharpen the saw with process improvement and development and launching of new software solutions. This will make it much easier for us to work and to serve you, our customer.

Today also marks a new start of the USMCA. This was a hard-fought battle. It will clean up NAFTA and allows for a better trade agreement that will benefit American manufacturing. This should in turn create jobs and drive manufacturing. This is key to America. Over the last 20-30 years, we have become a service-oriented economy that no longer produces a lot of tangible assets. This has been demonstrated by the industries that were taken down with this pesky virus. The tourist – and the service industry have decreased to an excess of 78% of their revenue. Manufacturing creates assets and jobs and has been beat up by about 15% on average. This is great news!

There is concern around reopening. We are not taking the proper precautions to combat this virus. Some of us are not respecting others by practicing just a few things: wash your hands, keep separated and wear a proper mask. Maybe it is a violation of our rights to have to wear a mask, that some would say does nothing to combat this pesky virus. This has nothing to do with Republican, Democrat, black, green, white or zebra stripe. This has everything to do with respect for your fellow human being. I am personally taken aback when I see many people not doing the right things to help ALL people succeed. This virus does not seek out race or color. It seeks out those that are not prepared to combat it via these three basic steps of basic precaution. How about this: “real men wear masks”! This is a moment in time when we get to dress up for Halloween every day. By the way Halloween is one of THE MOST celebrated American events

Let’s respect each other and let’s get this economy back to where we were before. Wash your hands, wear your mask, and keep it separated! It is respectful for your fellow American.

Let’s go!

Greg Tucker