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Bay Cities Covid-19 Updates

September 3, 2020


Here we are at the beginning of September and six months into the Covid-19 experience. Bay Cities has invested a significant amount of money and time into creating a very safe and sterile environment to eliminate this pesky virus.


We have separated shifts, breaks, and lunches in the plant while at the same time disinfecting everything. We are separating employees in breakrooms with separation fixtures, designed and manufactured right here at the Bay. We introduced the UV light to kill the virus and have invented a new system of delivery that is easy for our employees to utilize.  Thermal cameras are now getting installed outside of the facilities in their own scanning rooms. Entrance approval will happen outside of the facilities and without human intervention. Soon we will be installing a UV system in all our HVAC systems. This will kill the virus as it moves through. The goal is to recirculate the air back through the system which should take out any viruses. Lastly, we have installed mobile cooling systems, called Breezers, to reduce the temperature in all our facilities. Not only will the Breezers keep our people cool, they can also be deployed to quickly disinfect large areas.


While we are working tirelessly to eliminate viruses in our facilities, at the same time we are witnessing an erosion of our culture due to separation and people working from home. Our employees love coming to Bay Cities. This culture erosion is also the result of several other factors. People are living with full families in 100 degree plus weather. Dual incomers are dealing with unemployment or staggered shifts and homeschooling. Some have experienced sickness, and sometimes even death, around them. All this uncertainty is stressing people out with so many issues compounding.


The good news is that several new therapeutics are being developed. A vaccine will soon help to bring us back to a kind of new normal. Moderna’s CEO Stephanie Bancel says their Covid-19 vaccine will be available for emergency authorization this fall. Pfizer’s Albert Boorla says there is a very high likelihood its vaccine will be proved effective by October. In addition, Merck is about to begin a large study of its Coronavirus treatment. This is an oral therapeutic that should prevent those infected from developing an illness serious enough to send them to the hospital. Help is on the way!


We are bringing people back, in a safely fashion, to the Bay. We will be celebrating our 2021 Destination Models, that will guide us through this next year, and social distanced listening to the live music of Einstein Brown while eating IN and Out. This will be the first of many celebrations to remind us of who we are and what we are all about. Everyone needs some Bay time!


Be positive, things are looking up and turning around quickly. We have the greatest scientist working 24/7 to defeat this virus and they are winning. We will get through this and into the light very soon!

Wash your hands, wear your mask, and keep it separated!


Let’s go!

Greg Tucker