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Status of the Market

Welcome to holiday season 2020! It is that time of the year again when we run just about 24/7 to meet the needs of our ever-demanding amazing Clients. This year there is no exception to the level of business volume we are expertly crafting and moving on out the door. However, things are completely different […]

Bay Cities Covid-19 Updates

September 3, 2020   Here we are at the beginning of September and six months into the Covid-19 experience. Bay Cities has invested a significant amount of money and time into creating a very safe and sterile environment to eliminate this pesky virus.   We have separated shifts, breaks, and lunches in the plant while […]

Bay Cities COVID-19 Updates

July 20, 2020 As a next step to keep all our employees safe while at work, we purchased a portable UV sanitizer. The unit arrived this week. The UV sanitizer kills pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria, by damaging the cell’s DNA resulting in the cell’s loss of ability to properly function and replicate. Within […]

Bay Cities COVID-19 Updates

July 1, 2020 Happy 1st of July! This is an important day for Bay Cities and each of you. Bay Cities is now into our new fiscal year, 2021, leaving the year 2020 behind us. This has led to much celebration for us, as we leave one crushing year moving into what we feel to […]

Stories of #WFH – 11

Melissa – Packout What is your #WFH routine? Wake up and coffee at 4-5 am. Email catch up and check in with Bentonville teams. Open up the driveway office and plug in the power. Packout team FaceTime everyday at 8:30 am on Microsoft Teams. How the rest of the day unfolds is always an adventure. […]

Stories of #WFH – 10

Bill – Maintenance What is your #WFH routine? Wake up at 6am and am at my computer to start work at 7am. I take my lunch at noon and work till 3:30 or longer, as needed.  What is your favorite part about #WFH? My old commute time is now my time and the dress code […]

Stories of #WFH – 9

Stephanie – IT What is your #WFH routine? Wake up to my alarm, I can probably sleep all day if I do not set an alarm. My wife leaves around the time I wake up. I typically give her a sleepy goodbye kiss and reminder her to take her lunch. I prepare for the day […]

Stories of #WFH – 8

Matt – Quality  What is your #WFH routine? (Try) waking up at 6AM, kiss the wife, pray, devote & study, get the kids dressed & ready for the day, pour a tall glass of OJ in the kitchen then walk three feet away from the fridge to raise my standing desk and get to work. […]

Bay Cities COVID-19 Updates

May 13, 2020 We are off to the races at Bay Cities this week. The governor of California opened the state a bit and pent-up demand went crazy at the Bay. Our Design Department has been working in small rotating shifts on projects due in the very near term and some due as far as […]