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Bay Cities Prints Massive High-resolution Mural for All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena

  Bay Cities Prints Massive High-resolution Mural for All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena wanted to renovate its donor wall with a design that shared the church’s message of radical inclusion and generally “popped” — drawing attention to the families and individuals that have contributed to the church’s growth. […]

Mako-Board™ offers a sustainable alternative to plastic signage

  Mako-Board™ offers a sustainable alternative to plastic signage Because plastics are durable and inexpensive, they continue to proliferate as a source for containers, signage and other everyday usage. Plastic will contribute greenhouse gases in the equivalent of 850 million tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and at the current trend annual emissions will […]

Retail in the World of Digital Printing

Today’s retailers are faced with the challenge of keeping customers coming back to stores while at the same time driving competing sales in the online world. They must win on shelf and online. These are the two frontiers retailers are focusing on. Gary Hawkins points out the biggest question retailers must answer is “How can […]

Sustainable Practice of Summer Production Hours Increases Energy Efficiency

While consumer demand and loyalty are continuing to trend towards sustainable packaging choices and businesses with eco-friendly operations, Bay Cities is championing that sustainability with practices that reflect the dedication to our customers and the environment. As we approach peak summer heat, Bay Cities has adjusted production hours to strive towards more energy efficiency. Our […]

Efficient and Creative Packaging and Displays Through Digital Printing

Eye-catching, high-quality graphics on packaging, POP displays and signage are achieved through different printing processes. You may be struggling with understanding what processes will produce your branding the way you envision it. At Bay Cities, we utilize Flexographic printing, Litho labels and digital printing. Of these processes, digital printing is continuing to expand with capabilities […]

Flair and Flexibility from our Digital Production Team

With a  flair for efficiency, our Digital Production Team strives for excellence and speed in executing unique packaging, POP displays and signage for our customers. From running large quantities of displays to cutting custom packaging, this savvy team utilizes their knowledge of the digital machinery and different color processes to produce stunning packaging and POP […]

How to Create an Award-Winning Retail Display

The Fortnite Battle Bus is an iconic figure in the popular video game and became a great attraction for fans of the game and customers of Walmart through this Point-of-Purchase (POP) display for retail. With over 20 different vendors featuring products on this train, we skillfully coordinated the receival of goods in a timely manner […]

Flair and Problem-Solving from our Customer Service Team

With problem-solving and strong communication skills, our Customer Service Team endeavors to always provide the best service and tirelessly puts the needs of our customers first. From the inception of projects, whether a customer is looking for a quote or to execute a POP retail display program, the Customer Service Team takes care of their […]

Bay Cities Values Integrity

Our integrity leads the way! From how we help our customers through how we produce our POP displays, packaging and signage. Integrity is defined as having strong, upright morals and being honest. We are not motivated to do the right thing for our customers, our employees and our environment regardless of if anyone is aware […]