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Stories of #WFH – 11

Melissa – Packout What is your #WFH routine? Wake up and coffee at 4-5 am. Email catch up and check in with Bentonville teams. Open up the driveway office and plug in the power. Packout team FaceTime everyday at 8:30 am on Microsoft Teams. How the rest of the day unfolds is always an adventure. […]

Stories of #WFH – 10

Bill – Maintenance What is your #WFH routine? Wake up at 6am and am at my computer to start work at 7am. I take my lunch at noon and work till 3:30 or longer, as needed.  What is your favorite part about #WFH? My old commute time is now my time and the dress code […]

Stories of #WFH – 9

Stephanie – IT What is your #WFH routine? Wake up to my alarm, I can probably sleep all day if I do not set an alarm. My wife leaves around the time I wake up. I typically give her a sleepy goodbye kiss and reminder her to take her lunch. I prepare for the day […]

Stories of #WFH – 8

Matt – Quality  What is your #WFH routine? (Try) waking up at 6AM, kiss the wife, pray, devote & study, get the kids dressed & ready for the day, pour a tall glass of OJ in the kitchen then walk three feet away from the fridge to raise my standing desk and get to work. […]

Stories of #WFH – 7

Linda – Marketing What is your #WFH routine? I always start my day by making my bed. Then I head downstairs to make my coffee and log on for work. I like to stick to my normal work schedule as much as possible, so I take my breaks at their normally scheduled time. What is […]

Stories of #WFH – 6

 Chad – General Manager  What is your #WFH routine? I am an early bird, so my day starts at 5am, which includes farm chores and breakfast. I remote into my work computer around 7am to prepare for my daily meetings and conference calls. These generally run to around 5:30-6pm.  What is your favorite part about […]

Stories of #WFH – 5

Sonia – Purchasing What is your #WFH routine? Wake up, check emails and attend meetings, take a break to make myself some breakfast then go back to work until noon. During my lunch break, I do some sort of exercise to get my juices flowing and eat a snack then back to work until 5pm, […]

Stories of #WFH – 4

Bob – Sales What is your #WFH routine? Working rigid schedule 8-5:00 with lunch break at noon. Intersperse an occasional walk. Tuning into webinars and teleconferences.  What is your favorite part about #WFH? Spending more time with family. A lot of time goes into planning meals and as a result we are eating real good […]

Stories of #WFH – 3

Marlene – Human Resources What is your #WFH routine? I treat my day as if I was still working from the office. I wake up at 6 am, workout, and get ready. Then, I have breakfast and start my workday. Around 12:30 pm, I prepare my lunch and eat while watching YouTube or Netflix. Then, […]