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Efficient and Creative Packaging and Displays Through Digital Printing

Eye-catching, high-quality graphics on packaging, POP displays and signage are achieved through different printing processes. You may be struggling with understanding what processes will produce your branding the way you envision it. At Bay Cities, we utilize Flexographic printing, Litho labels and digital printing. Of these processes, digital printing is continuing to expand with capabilities that have clear advantages for you.

What is digital printing for packaging and displays?

Digital printing refers to using digital-based images to print directly onto a variety of substrates. There is no need for tooling or print plates. Whether the art is being printed on corrugate or acrylic, the same process applies. Inkjets coat the material evenly with color. The four-color process used to create the art on your packaging, POP displays and signage is called CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key or Black). Using these four colors, the digital printer will layer ink to create all the different hues and shades that make up the varied graphics on your packaging and POP displays. Digital printing can produce spot matte or gloss, which enable you to highlight different parts of the art and add texture. We can digitally print on aluminum, MDF wood, vinyl, Mako-Boardâ„¢, styrene, corrugate and more materials.

What are the benefits to digital printing for packaging and displays?

Digital printing has advantages to other processes due to the innovative technology. These benefits include:

  • Efficiency – With no tooling and almost no set up required, digital printing has faster lead times. Order when you need to in whatever quantity you require and avoid having to stock outdated packaging or displays. Easy to produce samples can cut time spent perfecting the art on the packaging or display.
  • Customization and personalization – Digital printing offers you the flexibility to change or update messaging and branding on the fly and feature different art for each run. Customize each package or display with logos and product information. Personalize with customer names, tracking numbers or individualized art.
  • Speed-to-market – From concept to completion, digital printing allows you to quickly produce packaging and displays and get them into retailers or the hands of your customers.

How do you customize and personalize packaging and displays?

Customizing packaging and displays is a breeze with the Variable Data option offered by digital printers. The same structural design can feature different, customized messaging and art. Brands can customize for flavors or seasons. For example, the Variable Data or imaging option allows you to feature a custom logo on the front of your subscription box and personalize the back with your customer’s name. The next month, you can feature different art and again personalize it for each customer or demographic. Exclusive product packaging or retail displays can include numbers or unique codes to help you track the response and target specific demographics. You can customize small or large quantities.

With Variable Data, customized digital printing leads to enthralling unboxing experiences and creative, engaging retail displays to attract your customers and build brand recognition.

What can our digital printers produce?

Our digital printing capabilities are continuously growing. Whether your products require 10 STE (Straight Tuck End) boxes or 1,500 retail displays, we can produce the quantity you need, when you need it. We can feature various images on one sheet of material or have each sheet feature different art all together. We are now able to run even larger and longer sheets of substrate allowing for more unique, large structures for your retail POP displays. Through single-pass technology, our digital printer will detect the substrate entering and signal all the ink heads to start firing at the same time, so the material is printed in one pass. Other digital printing can require the substrate to be run in a few passes to allow for the all colors to be produced on the material.

We can create more spot colors with the wider color gamut offered by our new digital machinery. This extended gamut allows us to match Pantone colors. Instead of the four-color process, we can process up to six colors, allowing for more variations of shades and highlights on your packaging and POP displays. Our digital capabilities include color matching to a minor difference, which allows us to achieve the colors you had planned for your art.

Stay tuned to learn more about digital printing and how it can benefit your packaging and POP displays!