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Bay Cities to Design and Manufacture Gratitude Box Packaging

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information, contact us. Net proceeds will be donated to Project N95 PICO RIVERA, CA, May 18, 2020: Bay Cities, North America’s most innovative packaging and design company, today announces that it designed and manufactured the packaging for the Gratitude Box. The Gratitude Box is an initiative from Dreamrbox. Dreamrbox […]

Stories of #WFH – 8

Matt – Quality  What is your #WFH routine? (Try) waking up at 6AM, kiss the wife, pray, devote & study, get the kids dressed & ready for the day, pour a tall glass of OJ in the kitchen then walk three feet away from the fridge to raise my standing desk and get to work. […]

Bay Cities COVID-19 Updates

May 13, 2020 We are off to the races at Bay Cities this week. The governor of California opened the state a bit and pent-up demand went crazy at the Bay. Our Design Department has been working in small rotating shifts on projects due in the very near term and some due as far as […]

Stories of #WFH – 7

Linda – Marketing What is your #WFH routine? I always start my day by making my bed. Then I head downstairs to make my coffee and log on for work. I like to stick to my normal work schedule as much as possible, so I take my breaks at their normally scheduled time. What is […]

Stories of #WFH – 6

 Chad – General Manager  What is your #WFH routine? I am an early bird, so my day starts at 5am, which includes farm chores and breakfast. I remote into my work computer around 7am to prepare for my daily meetings and conference calls. These generally run to around 5:30-6pm.  What is your favorite part about […]

Bay Cities COVID-19 Updates

May 6, 2020 While the whole economy slowed down the last several weeks, we have taken the time as a company to prioritize initiatives to come out of this time better than before. As such we identified several areas to focus on: Training and Development. We are taking the time to update all our training […]

Stories of #WFH – 5

Sonia – Purchasing What is your #WFH routine? Wake up, check emails and attend meetings, take a break to make myself some breakfast then go back to work until noon. During my lunch break, I do some sort of exercise to get my juices flowing and eat a snack then back to work until 5pm, […]

Bay Cities COVID-19 Updates

April 29, 2020 Every night in Hermosa Beach, CA we get to participate in banging pots together and whistling to let the first responders and medical personnel know we are there for them and we thank them. Our town is only 2.1 miles big and we have close to 20,000 people living there. A lot […]

Stories of #WFH – 4

Bob – Sales What is your #WFH routine? Working rigid schedule 8-5:00 with lunch break at noon. Intersperse an occasional walk. Tuning into webinars and teleconferences.  What is your favorite part about #WFH? Spending more time with family. A lot of time goes into planning meals and as a result we are eating real good […]