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Stories of #WFH -1

Bay Cities Work from Home

Aaron – Structural Design

What is your #WFH routine?
Cook breakfast and make coffee, remote into my work computer, work until 12, make lunch and watch a quick show. Back to work, taking breaks here and there to stretch.

What is your favorite part about #WFH?
Not having to deal with traffic on my commute

What is the most challenging part about #WFH?

Not being able to cut out samples in person – takes much longer with understaffed team in the office

What are you reading?
Articles on the current events occurring

What are you watching?
Curb Your Enthusiasm, Star Wars…amongst many other movies

How are you staying fit?
Pull up bar and pushups

What is your socializing strategy?
Using Zoom to video chat with friends

How do you buy necessities?
I go into the store, taking pre-cautions of course 😉

What is your biggest take away from #WFH?
It’s possible to do my job from home when necessary (which I thought to be impossible)