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Stories of #WFH – 5

#WFH Sonia S

Sonia – Purchasing

What is your #WFH routine?

Wake up, check emails and attend meetings, take a break to make myself some breakfast then go back to work until noon. During my lunch break, I do some sort of exercise to get my juices flowing and eat a snack then back to work until 5pm, taking occasional breaks to stretch and move around.

 What is your favorite part about #WFH?

I get to cook myself food and eat whenever I want 😊

What is the most challenging part about #WFH?

Staying focused! Having a big family is fun until you are all forced to stay inside together.

What are you reading?

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

What are you watching?

Schitt’s Creek and re-watching The Office of course!

How are you staying fit?

Daily 30 min HIIT workouts

What is your socializing strategy?

Lots of FaceTime hours!

How do you buy necessities?

Target Drive up, best thing ever invented!!

What is your biggest take away from #WFH?

The importance of appreciating all the small things in life. So many things I took for granted that I did not even realize were important until it was taken away.