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Stories of #WFH – 6

 Chad – General Manager 

What is your #WFH routine?

I am an early bird, so my day starts at 5am, which includes farm chores and breakfast. I remote into my work computer around 7am to prepare for my daily meetings and conference calls. These generally run to around 5:30-6pm.

 What is your favorite part about #WFH?

Getting to “office” from the farm.

What is the most challenging part about #WFH?

Balancing when work begins and when it ends.

What are you reading?

The Great Game of Business

What are you watching?

News channel.

How are you staying fit?

Farm chores.

What is your socializing strategy?

We have Microsoft Team Hours, just to stay connected outside of work.

How do you buy necessities?

We order online and do curbside pickup for our groceries.

What is your biggest take away from #WFH?

I have been impressed with how quickly everyone embraced working from home. From managing our time better to staying self-motivated. We have successfully managed and delivered some of our largest spring programs, all while working remotely and staying connected with our partners and clients.