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Sustainable Practice of Summer Production Hours Increases Energy Efficiency

While consumer demand and loyalty are continuing to trend towards sustainable packaging choices and businesses with eco-friendly operations, Bay Cities is championing that sustainability with practices that reflect the dedication to our customers and the environment.

As we approach peak summer heat, Bay Cities has adjusted production hours to strive towards more energy efficiency. Our summer production schedule has begun and will run through early October. The shifts are starting at either 3:30 AM and ending at noon or beginning at 7 PM and ending at 3:30 AM.

This production schedule allows us to run our large machinery during non-peaks hours, shifting our electricity usage. In turn, we reduce the electricity demand and effect on our electricity and power systems as a community. With our employees working in cooler conditions, we avoid overuse of cooling and air conditioning systems to keep the facilities and employees safe from the summer heat.

Bay Cities will be adding more sustainable practices. Stay tuned for new opportunities, materials and operations that give back to the environment and reduce our impact as an eco-friendly company that values sustainability.