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Success Stories

Boost Mobile Boom Box Hype Kit

Challenge: Engage Boost team with an easy way to reference pricing & access videos.

Solution: Create an AR experience that brings a Boost Branded Boom Box to life


  • 500% lift in social media engagement
  • 75% app download rate in first week
  • 8,984 active users
  • 88.3% return user rate


Challenge: Create a display that will attract Transformers fans

Solution: An easy assembly display was created along with constant communication with the Walmart team to assist in proper placement and execution of train

Results: Our in-house design team produced an eye-catching display that generated an 84% lift in POS versus the previous month

Hain Celestial

Challenge: Assist Hain through the Costco rush

Solution: Bay Cities created highly disciplined display builds

Results: Though we faced short time deadlines, 100% of the items were delivered on time