Floor Displays

Floor Point-of-purchase Displays

A floor point-of-purchase display is a free-standing fixture that displays product and has space for brand messaging. These in-store POP displays can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether utilizing temporary, semi-permanent or permanent material, floor displays can highlight your products, call attention to your branding and withstand movement on the retail floor or at events. Floor POP displays can be made of a multitude of materials such as corrugate, MDF wood or PVC. Depending on the shape and size, floor retail displays may require thicker material if they will cover a larger space on the retail floor. Accents to the display can be made of different material to create texture and lend to the artistic features of the POP display. Corrugated floor displays can incorporate other materials for a more permanent and unique display. High-quality floor displays will help sell products and services. These champions of the aisle help consumers make impulsive choices on the fly.

When to use:

  • No stocking time needed as floor displays come pre-loaded with product
  • The central location of floor display stands in store guarantees viewing by a maximum number of visiting customers
  • Great for seasonal items