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Success Stories

Sun Care


When the season heats up and everyone decides to spend more time outside, that’s when sun care product demand starts to increase significantly. To give their customers a wide range of brand choices, Walmart partners with sun care product suppliers to create a very diverse SunCare Islander display. For the beauty suppliers this is the biggest Walmart initiative of the year. Products sold on the SunCare Islander represent the highest sales volume of the year for many suppliers.

The assortment, that is created through the SunCare Islander, offers insight into the astonishing choices and complexity:

• 21 suppliers
• 286 unique SKUs
• Over 10 million initial program items


To coordinate, produce and execute this complex islander set, Walmart required a supplier who’s capabilities include:

• Concept and design
• Manufacture and print
• Fulfillment
• Supply chain and packout logistics
• Approval to conduct consumable pass through programs.

Walmart turned to Bay Cities to capitalize on our strengths in each of these areas as well as on our intimate knowledge of Walmart’s processes and requirements.

We featured an innovative, universal product divider system in the trays, which reduces tooling, material components and pack-out complexity. Our divider system can shift left to right, allowing for infinite product configurations to support multiple packout assortments. This solution provides a seasonal destination for each of the 10 million items represented on the islander, enhancing in-store merchandising, store replenishment and ultimately the customer’s shopping experience.

With products coming from 21 different vendors, product arrival and testing had to be tightly managed and coordinated. Before displays were shipped to the distribution centers, ISTA lab-tests were performed to ensure the products and displays arrive safely and in pristine condition. The SunCare Islander was produced, staged and shipped as 4 unique islander store configurations. The Islander totaled 155,000 PDQ trays which shipped outbound on a total of 11,000 pallets.

The tight production schedule was completed as planned and all displays arrived within Walmart’s scheduled Must Arrive By Date (MABD).


The SunCare Islander displays hit over 2,800 stores by March, in time for the first rays of spring sunshine. The program creates multi millions of dollars in revenue for Walmart and is one of the biggest programs for each supplier.