Creative Services

Creative Services

Bay Cities offers a menu of creative services to propel your products in retail. Backed by our team of in-house experts, we offer strategic creative direction for your point-of-sales displays and packaging. Our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing enables us to address design and production early on. We bring a creative, retail-focused mindset with the tools and experiences to increase your chances of success in retail.


We offer the following creative services:

  • Creative Market Research: By gathering specific input from you, we can research and analyze competitors and channel partners in their respective industry or market. This gives us the data we need to design competitively.
  • Key Messaging Creation: Aligning with your brand’s voice, we’ll help craft key messaging for packaging and displays that communicate simply, efficiently and unique enough to stand out in the retail environment.
  • Concept Boards: Typography, color palette, supporting imagery and theme are presented as concept boards. 
  • Ideation: Once the concept board is approved, sketches and grayscale 3D models are created to demonstrate form factor and ideation. 
  • Graphic Assets: We’ll research your brand and listen to you to collect specific campaign- or brand-based assets such as photos, illustrations or iconography.
  • Expanded 3D Modeling: Our 3D team offers services to visualize packaging and display concepts and offers environmental 3D models as well as 360-view videos.


We will start by exploring your goals and deliverables and reviewing what you have available. Based on review and on our discussions, we will create a Scope of Work. Once approved, we will kick off our process with an in-depth creative brief, which will guide our creations and ideations.


If you would like to explore more, fill out our Request a Quote Form, and someone will be in touch soon.