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Bay Cities is the leading creative packaging and display partner to brand marketers, retailers and e-commerce. Our passion, experience, technology and consumer insights move product and drive sales.

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"The team at Bay Cities shares our commitment to balancing fun and unexpected engagements using our packaging while also understanding it needs to be functional"

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Recent News

Status of the Market

Welcome to holiday season 2020! It is that time of the year again when we run just about 24/7 to meet the needs of our ever-demanding amazing Clients. This year there is no exception to the level of business volume we are expertly crafting and moving on out the door. However, things are completely different […]

Bay Cities Covid-19 Updates

September 3, 2020   Here we are at the beginning of September and six months into the Covid-19 experience. Bay Cities has invested a significant amount of money and time into creating a very safe and sterile environment to eliminate this pesky virus.   We have separated shifts, breaks, and lunches in the plant while […]

Bay Cities COVID-19 Updates

July 20, 2020 As a next step to keep all our employees safe while at work, we purchased a portable UV sanitizer. The unit arrived this week. The UV sanitizer kills pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria, by damaging the cell’s DNA resulting in the cell’s loss of ability to properly function and replicate. Within […]