Tobii Eye Tracking

What is Eye Tracking?

Eye tracking is a research tool using next level technology to determine:

  • What captures the eye of the consumer?
  • Where do they look as they decide what to buy, where to go next, or how to complete a task?
  • When is the most effective time to communicate your branding, message, promotion, or service?
  • Which elements & features tend to be ignored?
  • Is your display or package visually optimized to sell your products?

Why Eye Tracking?

The overall purpose of eye tracking is to study the precise visual experience of shoppers as they approach, enter, navigate, browse, and purchase products in retail stores. Using both wearable eye trackers (for an in-store tracking experience using heat maps and gaze plots) as well as a screen-based eye tracker (to test content on a larger screen), we can gather visual behavioral metrics to conclude how your product will perform on a real-life retail shelf.

Bay Cities + Tobii

Tobii Pro is a leading tech enterprise focused on envisioning human behavior for scientific research. Their technology and software brings insight into human behavior with cutting-edge eye tracking and analytics to better understand the visual trends of potential customers. This offers our clients a unique experience in their journey through packaging and manufacturing that they can only get at Bay Cities.

To learn how eye tracking can increase your product’s potential to sell, fill out our Request a Quote Form, and someone will be in touch soon.