Quality is a habit

Our founder Bill Hanan brought to us the mantra “Quality is a Habit”. Since that time, we enhanced our quality department by over 180 persons – each employee of Bay Cities. We believe that quality begins and ends with every employee.

It starts in our design department, where our creations are dreamed up or industrial packaging is developed to withstand the elements of logistics, all the way through manufacturing and shipping. Today, more so then ever, packaging is asked to do much more with the advent of ecommerce and the many different logistic challenges that come with it.

From the beginnings of design, all the way through every process, our creations are moved through electronically and can only be altered by those who created it. All our eyes are on every product and process, simply because we all own it.

The Bay Cities Quality department continues to grow and refine itself. Our mission is total Customer delight and zero defect. We are very close to that mission and continue to strive to that end each day. We can only accomplish that with fantastic processes and every of our over 180 quality employees engaged.

Bay Cities’ quality program consists of:

Process Maps: Provide a visual guide of what our processes should be for the various products and services we offer.

Procedures: Spell out the expectations and ways we conduct business and how each step in the process map is conducted.

Work Instructions: Ensure that tasks are done uniformly in our production and day-to-day operations.