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Walking into Bay Cities is like walking into a box of crayons. We have the freedom to pick any color in that box to create the ultimate masterpiece. We want to provide that ultimate experience to all our Clients and our Employee-Owners. When we are successful, meaning we’ve hit our revenue goals, there is more fun, excitement, and connectivity amongst our customers and employees.

To achieve this lofty goal, we must have a high-performing, ownership mentality and unique employee culture. This document is about that culture.

Like all great companies, we are committed to hiring the best of the best who just so happen to align with our company values: Creativity, Passion, Integrity, Responsibility, Safety & Fun. What is unique about Bay Cities is how we:

Company Culture Bullet point list

Our core philosophy is when people know and understand the business, they become business owners. More specifically, when our employee-owners come into work every day, they come in as business owners, not as employees. With this approach, we become a team of business owners who are here to win.

We are not perfect, and at our core, we believe there is always room for improvement, so we are constantly working towards enhancing our culture with every new employee-owner with whom we partner. No matter how long employees have worked here, everyone has an opportunity to make a real difference in how we operate and have the responsibility of making a difference in our culture and in our work every single day. We hope that every employee-owner will continue to enhance and shape our culture for the better. We don’t hire employees who are exactly like us, but instead, we hire employees who will enhance who we are and how we do things to ultimately reach our big, audacious goals. Our ideal employee is dedicated, goal-oriented, a team player, has a business owner mentality, has a thirst for knowledge, and lives and breathes our company values.

We are on a mission to disrupt the industry with strong, dynamic, and cohesive teams, and if you’re reading this, you are exactly who we are looking for. We hope what you’ve read resonates with you and that you’re ready to help us achieve our goals.