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Bay Cities Partners with Homeboy Industries for Sustainable E-waste Disposal

Bay Cities & HomeBoy Industries


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Bay Cities Partners with Homeboy Industries for Sustainable E-waste Disposal

An ethical step to recycling old electronics for reuse!

PICO RIVERA, CA, September 29, 2022: Bay Cities, North America’s most innovative packaging and design company is proud to announce its partnership with Homeboy Industries’ award-winning, full-service IT asset disposition and Electronic Recycling program. This partnership means all e-waste accumulated will be transferred and properly disposed of or reused where applicable, furthering the improvement of Bay Cities’ sustainability initiatives. 

Homeboy Industries is a rehab and re-entry organization focused on providing opportunities to formerly gang-related and incarcerated individuals looking to transform their lives for the better since 1988. They provide workforce and trade development support in various fields to encourage alternative career choices for those enrolled, including jobs that are environmentally sustainable and relevant to the information economy. For every 75,000 lbs. of electronic equipment collected, a new job is created to continue the lifecycle of support.  

Founded in 2011, Isidore Electronics Recycling, a social enterprise of Homeboy Industries, focuses on the disposal and reuse of items like computers, monitors cell phones, etc. that cannot be thrown into a landfill without resulting in e-waste that is harmful to people and the environment. Their Responsible Recycling certification ensures that the procedures are secure, ethical, and eco-friendly.  

“Our team is looking forward to continuing our partnership with Homeboy industries. We are excited about this journey and excited to support the message Homeboy Industries seeks to achieve and obtain,” said Jesus Ortiz, Sustainability and Safety Coordinator. 

As a leading creative packaging and display partner to brand marketers, retailers, and e-commerce companies, continuously implementing eco-friendly practices provides value not only to clients but also to the environment that through every stage of production, sustainability is a top priority.  

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