REFT SubBox 18 2 1900x480 REFT SubBox 18 2 1900x480

Custom Product Boxes

R Planet Earth Subscription Box - Print and Assembly

A subscription box is a branded box which is used for the recurring delivery of a collection of products. There is no need for an additional outer shipping carton. Many custom shapes and sizes can be designed.

When to use:

  • Used to hold multiple products
  • Box can be shipped as is and no outercarton is needed
  • Opportunity to change graphics with each shipment
  • For Ecommerce and online businesses

Roll End Tuck Top (RETT) boxes are unglued boxes which are easy to assemble. The sides consist of 3 layers of custom chipboard for added strength and the top opens and closes with a tuck to the inside of the box. The box has a connected lid and front panel with a locking flap which goes in between two side panels. This style provides a sturdy structure on the side and front panel.

When to use:

  • For heavy duty
  • Used often for cosmetics, food and retail packaging

Roll End Front Tuck (REFT) boxes are featuring flaps which tuck into the front to secure the flap and the product inside.

When to use:

  • Used often for electronics and consumer goods
R Planet Earth Subscription Box - Print and Assembly