Traditional Printing

If you’re looking to invest in plates for large quantities or reorder programs often, flexo or litho may be the right print method for your job.

Traditional printing techniques like Flexo and Litho require print plates which act like sophisticated, high-speed stamps. Flexo printing is a quick, economical way to print solid colors and patterns, while litho labels can produce high end graphics with fine details in matte or gloss finishes. The entire process is truly a craft, requiring precise accuracy and skill to create and set up on the machine.

Traditional printing varies from Digital printing, since plates are used to print the same exact image over and over. Digital printing provides more flexibility and faster speed to market if you plan to change any elements of your artwork in the near future.

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Lithographic Printing (Litho)

In this process, the image is offset from metal plates onto a rubber surface through a series of cylinders, then onto a paper label. Bay Cities laminates these litho labels onto corrugate sheets and die cuts them. This method yields excellent quality and is great for large volumes.

Flexographic Printing (Flexo)

In this process, ink is applied to flexible printing plates, then onto the substrate using high-speed machines. Whether you’re looking for multi-color graphics with intricate screens, or single color prints, flexo printing can accommodate large quantity runs and repeat orders.