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Royal Bay Climate Control

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Royal Bay, our packout facility in Chicago, can offer shrink wrapping as well as has two 8,400sqft climate-controlled rooms meeting TAPA certification requirements. This could all be important for your needs.


Companies have a wide variety of packaging and supply chain needs, when it comes to inventory and shipping. Due to the nature of many different products, needing many different packaging options to ensure that they are pristine when displayed to the customer, there is a wide ranging packout need. Companies, like food and pharmaceutical, are responsible for properly packaging and shipping out several climate sensitive items.


Royal Bay is required to undergo a specific procedure for chocolates as they need to be stored at a constant temperature between 55°F – 65°F, with humidity levels at 60%. Before chocolates are stored, the raw product is checked as it comes off the truck and is checked again as the chocolate leaves the facility. Standards for storage are sent to Royal Bay. In order to meet requested standards, the temperature of the room is consistently checked, and information is relayed over to the customer. Royal Bay has done several jobs for a major chocolate company; these jobs were awarded to Royal Bay based on overall execution and communication.


Using HVAC systems (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), dehumidifiers, customizable thermostats and industrial grade insulation, climate-controlled rooms are typically able to be kept anywhere between 50°F – 86°F (10°C – 30°C) with the ability to precisely control the temperature to customer product needs. There is a distinction to be made between climate-controlled and temperature-controlled rooms. Temperature-controlled rooms are concerned with the temperature, whereas climate-controlled rooms control both temperature and humidity. These rooms are almost always indoor which enables the control of humidity levels, even in larger rooms. Climate controlled rooms can vary greatly in size as they can range from 200sqft to 10,000sqft. Royal Bay has two 8,400sqft climate-controlled rooms. Since these rooms are considered larger, items can be stored and produced in the same room. Depending on the order, sometimes more than one item can be produced in the same area.


The geographical region in which items are being stored is a large factor in whether they should be stored in climate-controlled storage spaces. Depending on the location of storage or packout space, there are three main climate concerns: extreme heat, extreme cold, and extreme humidity. Extreme heat can melt and warp items like CD’s, it can cause wood to crack and expand, and can turn wine brown and cloudy. Extreme cold can freeze any items that contain trace amounts of moisture, which can cause a wide variety of items to contract, expand, and or crack. Extreme humidity can cause mold, mildew, bacteria and pests.


A useful packaging method is the use of shrink wrap. This involves a polymer plastic that is wrapped around a given surface. As heat is applied, the material will shrink and compress around the desired surface. Royal Bay utilizes an air shrink tunnel to produce bundles of product from the construction of the box and product to the tunnel and into a floor display. Royal Bay has been able to execute major projects with high quality, detailed, and timely standards requested by customers. The shrink tunnel can produce up to 23 bundles per minute and has produced orders of over 180,000 bundles.


Shrink wrap can be used for different purposes in packaging. Electronic items benefit from shrink wrap as it acts as a seal insulate, which prevents certain items like wiring from splicing. Shrink wrap is also widely used for transportation purposes, as it sufficiently holds large bulky items together. This prevents damage and ultimately saves time and money.