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BC COVID-19 Update_Charlie

March 27, 2020

This week, I had the opportunity to visit Bay Cities and I was quite pleased that we are walking the talk. Our office is a ghost town. A very small group of rotating support staff, who are well separated, are in the office. Designers are knocking out samples and measuring product that comes in. Our graphic manager ensures all goes to press as intended. We have people to support purchasing and receiving. HR and Safety are occasionally rolling in and out. Our IT staff has moved mountains to get everyone up and running to work remotely in very short order. It smelled like disinfectant and I witnessed everyone stopping and wiping down frequently.

At the plant, I got to see firsthand that the separation is working. We have wrapped all nobs, controls, screens and anything a human can touch with stretch wrap. This stretch wrap is only touched by the same person during a shift and is pulled off, disinfected and reapplied at the change of a shift. The lunches are staggered, with only one person at a table. The morale is high.  All in all, we are meeting the challenges dealing with this virus and the demand of our Clients.

The people working from home are communicating with email, conference calls and Microsoft Teams. We are getting a lot done this way. Our Accounting team is launching the GREAT ACH PAY, since we want to avoid people going to the post office to collect checks. This will reduce costs for our Clients, and checks are routed electronically, approved and off the payment goes.

It seems that people are getting the Coronavirus from filling up their car. There are many touchpoints when filling up: you put your card in, punch in your zip code, decline the car wash, select the grade of gas, pick up the handle and shove it in the tank to fill. A lot of opportunities for many germs to hang in wait for their chance to hop on you for a ride. Wear gloves or wrap a towel around your hands when filling up and wash your hands! Lastly, everything you sign and each screen at the store can be an infested area. We are suggesting our people to use their own pen. Everyone on our team has their own pens and they are using them to sign Bills of Lading and the like.

There is a lot going on right now. We are passing the biggest bill in our country to help money flow to just about everyone. Pay attention to that as you can get help with your business and at home.

Mostly, stay safe, stay positive for everyone around you, especially your kids, and lastly “keep it separated”

We are here for you.

Greg Tucker