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Stories of #WFH – 10

Bill – Maintenance

What is your #WFH routine?

Wake up at 6am and am at my computer to start work at 7am. I take my lunch at noon and work till 3:30 or longer, as needed.

 What is your favorite part about #WFH?

My old commute time is now my time and the dress code is really relaxed, no shoes, t-shirts… etc.

What is the most challenging part about #WFH?

With my workspace next to the kitchen I munch all day long. Also, not able to walk the plant and facility, having to solve problems remotely.

What are you reading?

Read “Wingman”, reading “Real Life Adventures” and “Rise of the Dragons”

What are you watching?

Movies, Deadliest Catch, Bloomberg, Josh Gates,  and with my wife, the “Dead to Me” series.

How are you staying fit?

P90X video workouts

What is your socializing strategy?

Family games on Zoom once or twice a week, Parking lot visits to Mom and Brother and sister in law. We drive up and talk from the car with masks on.

How do you buy necessities?

For some items we visit stores (fresh fruit, veggies, eggs and milk). For the rest, we do internet orders w/curbside pickup.

What is your biggest take away from #WFH?

I do not like sitting in the chair in front of the computer for 8 hours+, I can do more than I thought remotely and I like interacting with my teams. It is lonelier than I thought working from home.